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The Most Important Thing I Learned In Philosophy.


Every morning, my alarm clock yells at me. Sometimes, I tell him to be quiet for just a few more minutes. Most times, I just want to tell him to shut up and never get out of bed.

I almost never want to get out of bed.

The second half of my summer has been devoted to education. Education of…

My day….

My day was cool. Started a new job. Learned a great amount about my coworkers and my new job. And learned more about people. Oh and I didn’t smoke any weed today….. Yay me. I see that as a negative and a positive. Would have been nice to smoke after a long day of work but I personally feel like I haven’t earned it yet. So I’ll keep grinding. Don’t ever get comfortable. That’s what I keep telling myself right now. I’m working to get keep my head straight. Pay my bills. And stop myself from over thinking shit that I can’t even control. I appreciate all my friends that have been supportive and mostly I appreciate everybody that hasn’t been there for me. I refuse to let the negative people be my inspiration to doing better for myself. But it works. It feels good to know I’m making progress. Everyday life of being an black man in America gets more complex each day……

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